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Audio book narrated by Dr. Powell, and digital version
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Dare to believe it, and then dare to live it.

For some people, the idea of enjoying success in life is nothing more then wishful thinking. The believe experiencing success is the fortune of others and erroneously conclude it is far beyond their reach. Some even play "the blame game" to justify their reason for being unsuccessful. They say things like, "I can't get ahead in life because of my ethnicity, pedigree or gender". Others contend, "I can't achieve success because not one will give me a chance".

I've got great news for you! Here is your chance. Stop with the excuses. I'm going to help you discover and achieve real success in life through sound, practical principals grounded in Scripture. Once you understand and apply the insights presented in this book, "the good life" will be yours to experience and enjoy.

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R E C E N T   M E S S A G E S


Dr. Lawrence Powell / AFWC

Don’t Get It Twisted

Dr. Lawrence Powell / AFWC

Vision For The Future

Dr. Lawrence Powell / AFWC

A practical, balanced, insightful, and inspirational treatise by one of America's most experienced and successful pastors. A must read for all who are serious about fulfilling kingdom mandates in this unprecedented era of change!

Harold Calvin RayBishop

There are few persons who seem to have the zest for life that Larry Powell has; when you read this book, you will understand why he has it. The Good Life presents a guide for understanding the God-given plan for our lives that does indeed bring us "good success". Make sure you make this your next reading.

Dr. Walter Scott Thomas, Sr.New Psalmist Baptist Church

In his newest book, The Good Life, Dr. Powell gives the blueprint for how you can live a peaceful, happy, productive and prosperous life. We can have and obtain the life of abundance that Jesus brought to us in John 10:10! Thank you for writing this book! It will transform all who read it!

Eric SmithPresident, Smith Media Group
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